Hi Everyone!

We wanted to provide some updates on Jurassic Farm — The Lost World.

Introducing the Farms and our Weights

We have limited Farms & single token farms because we will do farm rotations as discussed in our initial articles.

The weights are determined based on estimated TVL. We expect STEEL, FUEL, DOT, and BNB to have lower amounts of TVL, so we have used a lower weight to lessen the sell pressure. The more popular BNB/BUSD based farms have a higher weight as the sell pressure is expected to be more distributed.

We have adjusted our emission schedule from Jurassic Farm. Raptor will distribute 20,000 tokens daily over the month. We will likely decrease the emissions after a two-week period, if we see any flaws in the model.

Website: https://www.jurassicfarm.app/farms

Telegram: https://t.me/JurassicFarm

Ian Malcom

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